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Why support Hastings Community TV?


Hastings Community TV is the non-profit public access station that has served the great city of Hastings since 1983. By supporting HCTV, you are supporting weekly Live High School Sports coverage, original shows like “Take a Hike, Mike!”, Aprons

Optional, Around the Mic, and Don’t Flip the Table. You are also contributing to coverage for School events like Graduation, Prom, Concerts, School Board Meetings, and the student run Broadcast Journalism course, The Ekko. HCTV is your one stop shop for City Government coverage, including City Council & other local Government Meetings, Forums, The City Minute, local news packages, and other community events.


HCTV also provides virtual alternatives to traditional in-person viewing of significant and notable events in Hastings. We also make all of our content accessible to everyone by putting it on TV, Youtube, and facebook. 

With more and more people cutting cable each year, a major source of our funding  is continuing to decline. Your support is vital to keeping our programming sustainable.

What is the HCTV Sponsorship Program?


We’re glad you asked! The HCTV Sponsorship Program allows businesses and organizations to receive a custom video to promote their brand and message. Our staff will sit down with you to come up with a creative video that will benefit the promotion of your business or organization. Your video will play on our TV channel for one full year, and you may also share it on your website and all of your favorite social media accounts. We will also feature your video and logo on our website as one of our sponsors. 


Sponsors also have the option of being featured in our Sports Productions for one sports season. ALL of our sports opening and closing videos will include your logo on screen and a “HCTV Sports is Sponsored by (Your Business or Organization)” voice-over read.


Contact Us about a Sponsorship!

Sponsorship Form

What if I just want to make a one time donation?


That works too! We have an account through, which is a safe and secure way to support HCTV.




Thank you so much for your support!  We pledge to be good stewards of your donations and to continue showcasing the community of Hastings. Our staff and Board of Directors are driven to providing high quality local programming for our community for many years to come.

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